J. vasc. bras. December 2003 – Volume 02 – Number 04

///J. vasc. bras. December 2003 – Volume 02 – Number 04


A review of J Vasc Br in 2003
Telmo P. Bonamigo

original articles

Protamine-related perioperative complications in carotid endarterectomy
Jorge R. Ribas Timi, Jeferson F. Toregeani, Ian Gimenez Ribeiro, Marcio Miyamotto

Anatomic and functional study of residual autogenous greater saphenous vein after harvest for carotid patch angioplasty
Cláudio Jacobovicz, Jamal J. Hoballah, John D. Corson, Iseu Affonso Costa, Henrique Jorge Stahlke Jr., Luís Henrique Gil França

Assisted primary patency through transluminal angioplasty in revascularization surgery of critically ischemic lower limbs
Fabio H. Rossi, Nilo M. Izukawa, Lannes A.V. Oliveira, Domingos G. Silva, Simone N.S.M. Barreto, Mohamed Saleh, Hudson C.R. Carvalho, Adriana C. Petisco

review articles

Demonstration protocol for the anatomopathological study of
lymphatic vessels in lymphedema

Claudia Stein Gomes, Fernando Silveira Picheth, Ezio Fulcheri, Corradino Campisi, Francesco Boccardo

Chronic venous insufficiency. An update
Luís Henrique Gil França, Viviane Tavares

case reports

Spiral saphenous vein graft in the management of superior vena cava syndrome: a case report
Ricardo César Rocha Moreira, Marcio Miyamotto, Graciliano José França

Isolated deep femoral artery aneurysm. Case report and literature review
Ilídio Almeida Lima, Marcelo Fernandes Lima, Marcos Velludo Bernardes

new publications

Angiology and vascular surgery interfaces
Ricardo César Rocha Moreira

Symposium – Medical Education
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